N°7 – Forschungsgesellschaft für Arbeitsphysiologie und Arbeitschutz e.V. (IFADO)

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The Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors at the University of Dortmund (IfADo) investigates toxic effects of chemicals and therefore can contribute toxicological expertise and techniques to the present project. Prof. Hengstler is head of the Toxicology Department. His group concentrates on chemical and molecular toxicology as well as drug metabolism. He coordinates the EC project CancerSys that focuses on hepatocarcinogenesis and organises further projects in the field of Toxicogenomics. In the current project IFADO will contribute time lapse and confocal microplate imaging for fully automated simultaneous high speed, and high resolution imaging, reporter assay establishment and in vitro systems with hepatocytes.

  • Key staff involved in the project (For more detailed information see the  Who-is-Who-Book)



Jan G. Hengstler, Professor MD, born July 05, 1965 in Heidelberg. He studied medicine at the University of Mainz from 1984 to 1990. 1991-2002 Institute of Toxicology, University of Mainz, 1998 Habilitation in Pharmacology and Toxicology. 2003-2006 Director of the Centre for Toxicology, University of Leipzig. Since 2007 Head of the Department of Toxicology, IfADo – Leibniz Research Centre in Dortmund. Research interests: Liver toxicity and regeneration, carcinogenesis, hepatocyte in vitro systems.





Dr. Joanna Stewart, Postdoc, Systems Toxicology, IfADo (2009 – present) “Characterisation of a novel signaling protein involved in metastatic endometrial cancer.” Supervisor: Prof. Jan G Hengstler. PhD: Mitochondrial Research Group, Newcastle University, UK “Nuclear mitochondrial genome interactions and the impact on human disease.” Supervisors: Prof. Patrick F Chinnery and Prof. Robert W Taylor BSc: First Class Honours Genetics, Newcastle University, UK “Characterisation of conditionally immortalised and non-immortalised primary cultures of Ovarian Surface Epithelial cells.” Supervisor: Barry Davies




Other persons involved:

Prof. Gisela Degen, Professor, Group leader Genotoxicity
Dr. Patricio Godoy, Junior research group leader, Hepatocyte in vitro systems


Further information: www.ifado.de