N°11 – OÜ Quretec (QURE)

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Quretec is an SME (currently 18 employees) in the field of data management, software development and bioinformatics research. Quretec was founded by Jaak Vilo and colleagues as spin-off from EGeen, 2006. The team has originally been established from 2002, with the goal to create an IT department for the EGeen Ltd, the commercial funder of the Estonian Biobank (Estonian Genome project Foundation, now an Institute of University of Tartu). Since 2008 it is fully independent from EGeen. The main software product line of Quretec is the Quretec Data Management Platform that enables fast set-up of multi-user questionnaires, data annotation and collection solutions using the standalone or web based user interfaces, and electronic case-report forms (eCRF). This platform consists of the data model and user interface design tool, automatically generated database and server solutions, end-user data entry tools with high security and complex functionality, and data query and import/export tools. Quretec has been/is a partner in several EU FP6 and FP7 projects: ENFIN, FunGenES, ESNATS.


  • Key staff involved in the project (For more detailed information see the  Who-is-Who-Book)

Jaak Vilo, Prof., PhD (University of Helsinki, Computer Science and Bioinformatics), worked at the European Bioinformatics Institute 1999-2002, establishing the early microarray data mining solutions of the EMBL-EBI (Expression Profiler) and the whole ArrayExpress database. Jaak Vilo was the first employee of the now ArrayExpress group when it was established by Dr. Alvis Brazma, where he has been one of the pioneers of the microarray bioinformatics field. Jaak Vilo repatriated to Estonia after an offer for becoming the Director of Informatics at a venture capital funded company EGeen International, for creating the bioinformatics solution for the Estonian Biobank. He is also a professor of Bioinformatics at University of Tartu, where he has founded and heads the BIIT research group. He has published over 40 articles, >30 are indexed in Pubmed. He has participated as a PI in EU Projects ATD, ENFIN, FunGenES, COBRED, ESNATS.


Other persons involved:

Raivo Kolde, Researcher Statistics, bioinformatics
Hedi Peterson, Researcher, Stem cell bioinformatics
Sten Ilmjärv, Researcher, Bioinformatics


Further information : /www.quretec.ee