N°13 – Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften-ISAS-EV (ISAS)

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The Leibniz – Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften (ISAS) works on the development and application in the areas of life- and material sciences. Prof. Sickmann is director of the department of bioanalytics. His group concentrates on method development for systemsbiology and quantitative analysis of proteins and their modification. In the current project ISAS will contribute state of the art technologies for label free analysis of phosphoproteins and their relative and if needed absolute quantification.


  • Key staff involved in the project (For more detailed information see Who-is-Who-Book)


Prof. Dr. Sickmann, PhD, is expert in proteinchemistry, separation techniques and phosphoproteomics. Current position: Head of the Department of Bioanalytics, ISAS.




Other persons involved:

Dr. Rene Zahedi, Group Leader Phosphoproteomics
Stefanie Wortelkamp, Engenier Phosphoproteomics
Marc Vaudel, PhD Student Mass data analysis
Lisa Dietz


Further information : www.isas.de