N°14 – Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V. (ITEM)

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The Department of Chemical Risk Assessment of Fraunhofer ITEM involved in this project has a long time experience in human toxicology and is involved in the development of risk assessment methodologies including repeated dose toxicity, the risk assessment of industrial chemicals e.g. biocides and analysis of Structure Activity Relationships (QSARs) for many years, which includes the following activities:
· Production and review of international risk assessment documents e.g. Environmental Health Criteria (EHC) and Concise International Chemical Assessment Documents (CICAD) for the WHO;
· Preparation and submission of full dossiers for several existing and new biocidal active substances;
· Development of Category Approaches of the German BUA and OECD;
· Development of the database RepDose which covers studies on repeated dose toxicity;
· Development of an integrated testing strategy to reduce/replace animal testing for the endpoint chronic toxicity  under REACH within the EU project OSIRIS (FP6);
· Development of an prediction framework (QSAR framework) within the EU project OPENTOX;
· Evaluation and Refinement of the TTC concept;
· Evaluation and refinement of extraplation factors for time, route- to-route and interspecies for cosmetic ingredients like surfactants.


  • Key staff involved in the project (For more detailed information see Who-is-Who-Book)


Dr. I. Mangelsdorf biologist and toxicologist- head of the Department of Chemical Risk Assessment has more than 20 years experience in toxicological risk assessment. She is or was involved in German Activities (BUA, MAK-Kommission, Committee for Indoor Air), European Activities (EU Existing Chemicals Programm, SCHER, ILSI taskforce on TTC) and International activities (WHO, as author of EHCs and CICADs and as temporal advisor, OECD existing chemicals programm). Her major research interest is developing concepts for the Risk Assessment of Chemicals also involving Structure Activity Relationships.







Dr. S. Escher is a chemist and group leader QSAR/ databases at the Department of Chemical Risk Assessment. Since 2005 she has been part of the department of Chemical Risk Assessment and working on the development and statistical analysis of the database RepDose. RepDose will be used to query relevant data from animal studies for the evaluation process in WP15.




Further information : www.item.fraunhofer.de